It will

It will If you force it to give the invaluable cart as soon as it is required to other child, he will decide that the whole world, both children, and adults, against it and want to take away from it its treasures.

It will only strengthen its proprietary feelings instead of reducing them.

Approximately by years the child will derive bigger pleasure from society of other children.

You can help it.

Offer game: At first Johnny will carry the cart, and Mary will go in it, and then Mary will carry the cart, and Johnny in it will sit.

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Each child

Each child And at the same time for the most important points in life, for fight of spirit to find true meaning of life, they have no time, they leave the child to the mercy of fate, and it it becomes easy a bait for different sects.

Each child likes to listen to stories How parents train the child for spiritual life?

For the developing child organized occupations at Sunday church school and visit of church are extremely important.

However nothing influences the child so strongly, as the House and that he receives there.

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Happens that

Happens that Skilled mothers know that it is impossible to determine amount of milk by the size of a breast in it.

In the first two weeks after the delivery the mammary gland bulks up as a result of the strengthened work, but then it becomes softer though milk in it arrives.

Happens that the breast seems to mother almost empty, and the child exhausts from it g of milk more.

Color and a type of breast milk too tell nothing about its quality.

Breast milk by sight is always more pale in comparison with the cow.

On structure milk of different mothers or milk of one mother in different days almost does not differ.

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Though if the teenager

Though if the teenager Gorky laughter We continue conversation on why and in what situations teenagers make attempts at suicide.

Need of such conversation is obvious, but very much a gloomy subject.

Though if the teenager tells story of the suicide attempt this history with the happy end: he tells it live and safe.

Perhaps, safe and not quite but live.

Moreover, often it is history of tragicomic property when it is necessary to laugh.

However, this laughter always tastes bitter: after all in everyone, even the most frivolous, suicide history the teenager actually risks life.

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After all for your

After all for your Choose stories, songs and verses which correspond to the age level of your children and give them pleasure.

After all for your children and for you time spent behind reading has to be to full love and heat.

Let this joint reading strengthen the love bonds connecting you.

Many stories and fairy tales, such, for example, as Pinocchio and the Rabbit St.

Petersburg comprise great ethical and spiritual value.

It is very useful to read them.

And of course, you need to have the book bible stories, written at the level, available to your children.

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